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Yeah, this is what he looks like...

The Poster

A 21 year-old aspiring something-I-haven't-really-decided-yet from the west coast, Mage has been writing for about eight years now, give or take a few months. He's been an avid reader of EGS for a couple of years now, but only really decided to join the forums shortly after the beginning of the Crossover Wars. Even though his account may have been created back in 2005 it had never been used until then. Beyond that there's not much to say. He likes the color green, anime, manga, and almost everything involving David Boreanaz. Mmmmm... David Boreanaz...

He usually makes himself known through his avatar, with the exception of Crossover Wars related thread, where he personally takes the form of a Cyrus Mage plushie. He is obviously OOC-Aware, can "teleport"(he just ceases to exist in one spot and comes into existence in another, so it may not be teleporting in the strictest sense), and has control of two, very large gloved hands. Think Master Hand and Crazy Hand for reference.

The Plushie

The avatar. Generally Mage's main way of representing himself save for Crossover Wars related threads.

As a character, Alex Mage is the Sub-Commander of the EGS-DF, effectively replacing Amon Star, the previous Sub-Commander, when he died. He's generally pretty bright and tries to keep a cool head, but being a plushie makes that somewhat difficult, as naturally plushies are very excitable. He panics often, and in large amounts.

He'd prefer to settle problems and disputes without violence, and has a very kind heart. But as part of the command staff of Fort Mayhem he understands that sometimes there is no way around such methods, and is forced to resort to such extremes. He only does it so others won't have to, and to keep his family and friends safe.

Currently under arrest pending a trial.

He has access to several black magic "spells", though while he calls them spells, they're more like mystical combat styles. They work by focusing on his mystical energy and willing it into the form of his choice, and the more energy he focuses the bigger or stronger the result. He currently has four learned "styles", but he may learn more in the future.

  • Lightning: A bolt of lightning that causes temporary paralysis.
  • Ice: Summons ice crystals that freeze over body parts.
  • Fire: Throws a fireball.
  • Wind: Creates an aura of wind that allows him to fly. It'll also redirect many attacks.

Along with his his styles he has the ability to grant souls to inanimate objects, like other plushies for example. In fact, he's used this ability before and as a result has one twin brother and several hundred children.


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